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Time has passed by. I have to make a plan for next year soon.
I haven't decided where to go after leaving here in January,
but I should go to a language school anyway due to the bloody visa system......

Before I came to England, I was going to move to London after here and I still think about it, but I'm wondering if it's a good idea because London is expensive to live and maybe the worst place in England to study English as my friend often says.
On the other hand, I reckon that it might be nice to have work in London.
Now I have only few chances to talk with British people apart from teachers in the school and my host mother.
If I have work, I can talk with them much much more than now.

I've been thinking about the plan for a long time, but as I've mentioned before,I haven't decided yet.
I'm always taking a lot of time to think about things, eventually I decide something different instinctively......Life is full of contradictions.
# by satoringos | 2005-10-19 00:23



Finally I've decided.I'm not going to eat meat during my stay in England.
I told my host mother about this and at first she was a bit surprised,then asked me, "You not only don't eat beef & pork but also chicken...?"
"Yes..." I replied.
Oh I'm sorry it might bother my host mum(coz she loves chicken & turkey),but I've determined not to eat them...well, I don't know if I can carry it out, but anyway I'll try.
And I'll still eat fish so I'm going to be a half vegetarian from today.

This evening I was going to attend a drumming lesson with my friend,but when we arrived Bowden house,where the lesson was going to take place, there was no light and nobody was in the building. My friend called the drumming teacher with wonder, then he said that there was no lesson today...unbelievable...

Bowden house is far from the town centre, about a 30 minute walk one way, so we were reduced to walking for one hour for nothing...yuck!
Anyway we went back to the town centre and popped over to our friend's house.
Her host mother is going away this weekend and my friend is blind so another friend is taking care of her while her host mother is absent.
We had fun chat until midnight, I enjoyed it very much.
TGI Friday...

●today's disc:MYLO/DESTROY ROCK & ROLL
Reminds me of some intelligent minimal art.
Have they destroyed rock & roll?
# by satoringos | 2005-10-14 23:54 | SOMETHING



Let me show you my meals(dinner) in the week.

Rice with wakame(seaweed)flakes,miso soup with tomato & onion

Japanese dinner @ my friend’s house. We cooked Nikujaga(simmered potatoes,carrots, onions & pork with soy sauce, stock of seaweed, sugar, etc.),Japanese curry, Avocado with wasabi dressing & nori(seaweed),omelet with hijiki(seaweed)

Korean dinner @ my friend’s house

Jacket potato, vegetable, egg,ham(my host daughter cooked for me)

Dinner with my friend @ Indian restaurant

Fried rice & miso soup

Rice with tuna seasoned with mayonnaise & soy sauce,fried lettuce,miso soup with tomato,potato & onion

It's so-called Asian food week...Lovely!
Now I'm seriously thinking about avoiding meat...
It's certain that I could live without meat...Hmmm...We shall see.

My host mother has come back.
I'm glad to see her although I miss my space.
It's nice to be alone sometimes...

The only one thing that I struggle with was the washmachine and the dryer.
In fact I used it in this house for the first time because my host mother hasn't let me use it before.
At first I didn't know how to use it so I speculate a lot.
I knew that all I have to do was just set the time, but there are so many choices and I didn't know which category my clothes belong to.(It's completely different from Japanese one!)
Finally I set the wrong time and temperature so my stretched pants shrank,they became almost half the size of what they used to be!!
Actually it's funny to see...I laughed a lot when I took them out of the wash machine.

The channel 4 has shown the programme of looking back to the 70~80s music scene recently.I saw Boy George who has got a lot of weight and put on the same make-up before,Marilyn who has become big like a professional wrestler or something,etc. on TV.
We shouldn't stick to the past......
# by satoringos | 2005-10-12 23:19 | DAYS



My host mother, Ann has gone on holiday to Leeds where her brother lives.
One of her daughter Clare who is living near here came to the house today.
She is supposed to take care of me while her mum is away, until next Wednesday,but she is working so won't be stay here everyday.
It means I might stay by myself a few days. It's quite fun!

My host mother usually prepares meals for me(actually she'd never allowed me to come into the kitchen!), but this week I can prepare them myself. I cooked Japanese food today!
Oh, it was really lovely...

I also enjoyed being with her dog,Sam.
It's a good experience for me and I'll enjoy my space for one week.
Only one thing that I worry about is whether I can get up in the morning...

Their music has become completely pop. No suprise to me.
# by satoringos | 2005-10-06 01:35 | DAYS



I went to the Video Evening at the school.
Today's film was "Billy Elliot"
This is one of my favourites,
I've seen it more than three times so far.
It's about an eleven-year-old-boy who is enthusiastic about ballet dancing.

He lives in Darham where is the north part of England with his father, elder brother and grandma who is in her second childhood.
His mum is dead. His father and brother are miners, they have been striking against bad conditions of work. Life is so tough for them but Billy found something he really wanted to do-----dance-----and his dream becomes the hope of his family as well.

Everytime I see this film,I can't help crying.
Billy is bursting with a lot of emotions and he expresses them through his dance---It's so bright---too bright for me at the moment-----and looked back to myself-----where have my passions been?

This time I found that the way of their talking (I mean their accent) is very similar to that of the Japanese people who live in the north part of Japan,
I haven't noticed about it so far because of subtitles of standard Japanese.
If this film is going to be dubbed into Japanese, I strongly hope that they speak in north dialect!

I went to the Dartington hall to see a film "DiG" the other day,
which is a documentary about the gig tour of them.
Actually I haven't known this band so far...Well,not bad.
# by satoringos | 2005-10-05 01:19 | SOMETHING



I went for a walk with Frair(Nobody knows what actually he does,
but everybody knows him anyway) and his friends.

He drove us to the coast near Sidmouth. It was so beautiful!
We went up to a hill and looked down the sea, very calm and peaceful.
I realized the earth is round. There were the sun, the sky, the sea, that’s all but it was perfect!

We walked along the coast for about four hours in total.
The path was up and down, sometimes it was like a mountainside,
I lost my breath and I soon felt muscle-ache as I walked.
It was a bit tough, but good exercise!

We came back to Totnes at around 8pm,
then I went to Paington to see a gig with my friend.
Today's lineup were "Too Hot"(from Paington) and Skabilly Rebel.
The leader of Skabilly Rebel was a member of the Specials,
so I'd been looking forward to seeing it.
When we arrived at the pub, Too Hot was playing but nearly finishing.
Then Skabilly played, but it was so-so...
Actually I had expected too much...

Surprisingly, when I came into the pub, someone talked to me.
He was the man who played the drums in the band that I saw at the Seven Stars Hotel last Friday(It’s a quite nice blues rock band named the Wildcards).
It was lovely!

I borrowed this CD from the library. It's wicked!
It's rather warm and a laid-back blues rock.
I also like their 1st album which is different from this one.
# by satoringos | 2005-10-02 00:53 | DAYS



It's almost three months since I came here. Time is flying...
Before I came to England, I'd thought that I wouldn't be homesick,
however now I think...Yes, I'm a bit homesick.
I miss Japanese food!! Especially seaweed...

My friend in Japan told me that the Japanese usually take a lot of amino acid with our food, so if we don't take it enough, we can easily become tired or nervous. It's quite interesting.
My Korean friend Yunmo said the language control the way of thinking,I agree with him, and I also think the food you eat normally affects the way you are too.
I'm not vegetarian but I don't eat meat very much.
I think there is a difference in character between the people who eat meat a lot and people who eat it less.

Anyway, I think I need more amino acid now, so I asked my family to send some Japanese food with my winter clothes which I'd already packed before I left Japan.
It has been cold these days.

I've got used to living here but sometimes I've got strange feelings.
It seems I'm just traveling everyday, but I'm definitely not,
and sometimes I feel everything is unusual even though I have my daily routine now......Never mind.

I've just heard this song on the radio by chance and I've touched somehow...I don't know the whole lyrics,but I like even the title.
# by satoringos | 2005-09-27 23:27 | DAYS



I start on writing a journal in English here.
I'm afraid that my English is not good enough so I often make mistakes,but I'd like to try and keep writing as long as I can.(And I really welcome to be correct! So if you notice mistakes, please let me know, everybody!)

I'm really grateful to my English teacher, Heather who recommended me to write a journal and corrected mistakes patiently.
I couldn't have done it without her help!

And this is the B-side of “How soon is now?”,which is my journal in Japanese. Please visit the A-side if you can read Japanese!


(Monday 12th December)
# by satoringos | 2005-09-26 23:17 | SOMETHING